Image supplied by  Chase Johnsey  for his latest podcast episode.

Image supplied by Chase Johnsey for his latest podcast episode.

Access and inclusion

At the heart of Delving into Dance is the desire to celebrate the vibrancy and diversity of dance occurring across the globe.  As part of this mission we are seeking to raise $3500 to transcribe all existing episodes.

Why Transcribe?

Dance, of all the performing arts, is one of the most accessible to deaf audiences, and while Delving into Dance reaches thousands of people through recorded content, the rich archive is not accessible to deaf audiences. We aim to address this through your help. Not only will the transcriptions be important to deaf audiences, but they will also provide an invaluable resource for teachers, students, researchers and others keen to delving into dance.

This campaign was featured in Artshub feature article:Changing the way we think about audio accessibility. 26 Sep 2018 Sabine Brix

Each Episode will cost about $80 to transcribe. Will you be able to help support this initiative?


Contributors will be named on specific transcripts as supporters of this initiative.

$2200 raised

$800 still required

Contributors to date:  Jesse Hunter, Lucy Jameson, Tom Halls, Matt Jobs, Jo Thomas, Prue Lang, Yvonne Virsik, Natasha Phillips ......... add your name to the list. Be recognised in a transcribed episode and help to make Delving into Dance a platform for all.