Audience Statistics information

In just a few years Delving into Dance has achieved a massive growth in its audience. What was a self-funded project in 2016 was accessed by 6000 people and has since grown enormously.  The total Delving into Dance audience is now over 15,000 and is spread out across the globe. The reach is more significant through social media (see: In the last half of 2018, DID had 82.8k Google impressions and was one of the top hits for a number of the interviews in the archive.

Delving into Dance has helped to open up dance to new audiences by increasing the sector's profile. A central aim is to develop and engage new audiences, similarly helping to give dance audiences a deeper understanding of dancers, choreographers, and companies with whom they work. Delving into Dance has captured the perspectives of some of the leading names in dance, including Meryl Tankard, David McAllister, Cathy Marston, Deborah Jowitt, Judith Mackrill, Damien Jalet, Gideon Obarzanek, Rafael Bonachella, Lucy Guerin and Elizabeth Cameron Dalman (full archive at   

Delving into Dance has quickly developed a dedicated and loyal audience, as recognised in ArtsHub. Delving into Dance provides an important anthology of dance and is accessed by thousands of people for its quality and unique in-depth content. Audiences and participants enjoy the detailed interviews and the in-depth content (reviews and comments can be found The strength of the website is its capacity to reach people who attend dance on an infrequent basis, fostering increased and engaged participation.

Audience Breakdown

The following presents aggregated data as derived from website statistics and Google analytics. Detailed audience demographics are captured from website traffic and do not account for RSS feed podcast subscribers. 

Monthly Averages

Social Media reach: 12,000

Website hits between: 2000-4000

All time podcast subscriber: 15, 000


Top Cities in December 2018

Melbourne, Sydney, London, Adelaide, Cardiff, New York, Istanbul, Berlin.



Male         22%

Female     78%


Global Reach

Australia         45%

UK                  20%

US                   15%

Europe            15%

Other               5%

In the last half of 2018, DID had 82.8k Google search impressions.


18- 24  13%

25-34   26%

35-44   23%

45-54   19%

55+      19%

Last updated Jan 2019.