Delving into Dance seeks to engage new and existing audiences in conversations about dance. By profiling dancers, choreographers, artistic directors and thinkers, Delving into Dance is reaching thousands of people around the globe.


What The participants have to say: 


"Delving into Dance is a welcome addition to help educate and provide deep and informed conversations about dance, both nationally and internationally. 
This podcast has quickly established itself as an incredible archive for Australian dance. I have been interviewed as part of this project and found the questions informal and accessible, making the content insightful and inclusive of all listeners. The number of subscribers and listeners to Delving into Dance, is proof of its success, engaging more and more people" Rafael Bonachela  Artistic Director SYDNEY DANCE COMPANY

"I'm honored to have been a part of it"  


Michael J Morris

"I'm honored to have been a part of it"  Michael J Morris


"Andrew’s podcast series is an important and wonderful addition to the conversation around performance and choreographic practice. The interviews are informative, fascinating, intimate and sometimes provocative."  



Stephanie Lake


"I look back on our interview with pleasure"


"Your interview was the most relaxed and the least painful of all"


"I'm struck by how intelligently you formed your questions, as well as being somewhat discomfited by my occasional failure to answer them coherently. I'm very glad we did the interview."



Deborah Jowitt- Dance Critic and writer

Deborah Jowitt


"It has become an impressive archive, congratulations!"

Anouk van Dijk

Artistic Director Chunky Move

Companies and festivals are increasingly using Delving into Dance content to spark conversations and engage audiences.

"Delving Into Dance plays an important role in delivering in depth interviews with choreographers, dancers and creatives, reflecting what is going on across the nation and the vibrancy of the dance sector. It assists in building dance audiences and bringing together the dance community."

Miranda Brown from Miranda Brown Publicity

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Reaching new Audiences


 15 Shares reaching new audiances, through peer networks

15 Shares reaching new audiances, through peer networks

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 Facebook Reach  March 2018

Facebook Reach March 2018

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 A reach of over 10000 people with a small $50 advertisment.

A reach of over 10000 people with a small $50 advertisment.