Increasingly, Delving into Dance is working in partnership with the dance companies and the industry more broadly on projects that seek to profile dance. A partnership is a deeper engagement beyond a single episode. If you desire to discuss the formation of a partnership please get in touch.

Ancestors & Anecdotes

with Ausdance Victoria 2017

In September 2017, Delving into Dance partnered with Ausdance Victoria on their 40th Anniversary program for a special season of Delving into Dance exploring the perspective of some of Australia’s female dance pioneers. This season coincided with The Australian Dance Awards and the National Dance Forum.

This special season formed the auditory component of the exhibition Ancestors and Anecdotes. The exhibition paid homage to the invaluable work of Australia’s dance pioneers and the manner in which their legacy endures today. The focus was on five legendary dance pioneers, Carole Johnson, Cheryl Stock AM, Margaret Lasica (via the perspective of her daughter Shelley), Shirley McKechnie AM and Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM. This was an incredibly popular season, and reached thousands of people.


with the Mill 2018

This initiative profile written articles and creative provocations about dance.  This pilot is produced in partnership with The Mill Adelaide, through the Writers in residence program. Written articles by Eleanor Scicchitano, seek to deepen readers understanding about dance and dancers processes. This is the first project that publishes written content on the website and the articles have since reached 10000 people. Discourse can be found here. It is hoped that written content will be expaned upon in the future, building on the strength of this partnership.

A day in a life of a dancer

upcoming project

Estimated launch Mid 2019

A day in the life of a dancer is a special project with one of Australia's largest dance companies. This season consists of 4 episodes that explore the daily realities of being a professional dancer. Compiling interviews in a radio documentary format this project examines–Daily Class; Rehearsal; Production week & Performance. In partnership with the dance company this special season, will help to educate their audiences and supporters on the daily realities of being a professional dancer. This season will expose the amount of work that goes in to the performances audiences see on stage. It is estimated with our combined audience this special season will be accessed by over 20,000 people.



'In My Own Words' is a new initiative that will commence in 2019. In response to the few platforms for dance writers and spaces for discourse around the medium, In My Own Words, seeks to use text based responses to capture a diversity of experiences from dance artists and dance writers. In this way text based responses, seek to link audiences to a wider range of dance thought and practice, helping them to more deeply engage and understand dance as a medium of expression.



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