Ancestors and Anecdotes

Photo of Sarah Aiken at 2014 KEIR choreographic award, Photography by Gregory Lorenzutti for Dancehouse

Photo of Sarah Aiken at 2014 KEIR choreographic award, Photography by Gregory Lorenzutti for Dancehouse


This special season of Delving into Dance is a partnership with Ausdance Victoria exploring the perspective of some of Australia’s female dance pioneers.

This season forms the auditory component of the exhibition Ancestors and Anecdotes, running concurrently with the Australian Dance Awards. Ancestors and Anecdotes, 40 years of Australian Contemporary Dance, is an exhibition that pays homage to the invaluable work of Australia’s dance pioneers and the manner in which their legacy endures today.  Opening 21 September at Lulu Gallery in North Melbourne, the exhibition is focused on five legendary dance pioneers, Carole Johnson, Cheryl Stock AM, Margaret Lasica (via the perspective of her daughter Shelley), Shirley McKechnie AO and Elizabeth Cameron Dalman OAM.

Interviews for Ancestors and Anecdotes conducted by Lexy Panetta and Jonathan Homsey.

These interviews profile each of these pioneers whose legacies are captured throughout the exhibition with photos that complement their journey being featured. This exhibition is organised by Ausdance Victoria with the generous donations of the artists’ personal collections across Australia.

This is a fantastic season that celebrates the contribution of our female dance ancestors.



Ausdance Victoria

Ausdance Victoria was founded in 1977 and is the sole peak body for dance in Victoria and plays a key role in providing high-level strategic advice and vision for the sector. Ausdance Victoria supports individuals, companies and organisations in a coherent ecology of arts services. It enables members and partners to flourish, creating connections and opportunities to increase the capacity of the sector. Their members consist of individuals and organisations (dancers, choreographers, directors, teachers, administrators, related professionals, venues, dance schools, companies, organisations, education providers, students and dance enthusiasts).  You can join Ausdance Victoria for as little as $30 a year.

Delving into Dance

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Participants have responded incredibly positive to being interviewed. The acclaimed dance journalist Deborah Jowitt said: "I'm struck by how intelligently you formed your questions". To read more from participants visit.  Increasingly, industry is seeking to partner with Delving into Dance on projects that seek to connect to audiences. To find out more about partnering, visit the partnering section of the website. 

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